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Trsic, Serbia


VRELO, Serbia


VRELO   /   members:

Natasa Lovric - vocal

Stanko Tomic - bass guitar, guitar

Marijana Bizumic - vocal

Ivana Jovanovic - vocal, accordion and keybord

Dragan Slavnic - drums, percussion

Ivana Jovanovic - vocal

Maja Martic - vocal




VRELO’s music is simple, natural and logical, but unusual and original fusion of traditional Serbian singing and new music genres (punk, rock, reggae, dub, techno…). It is bridge between now and then, here and there. It is music for dance (Serbian kolo, ritual dance, dance arena…), for love and hope, for tears and for joy… VRELO keeps musical genetic code in a “special package” and brings a new treasure to the world music scene. VRELO is an art, culture, entertainment, burlesque…

VRELO was founded by Natasa Tomic at the very beginning of 1996 in Ruma, Serbia. Up to 2003 VRELO performs traditional vocal and vocal-instrumental music of Serbs and other Slavic nations, but with original arrangements. In that period the small orchestra of traditional instruments was also part of the VRELO.

In the autumn of 2003 the bass player Stanko Tomic joined the ensemble and brought ideas that changed music concept of VRELO. Traditional instruments were replaced by electric bass guitar and drums, and vocal-instrumental ethno ensemble was transformed into band. VRELO still uses the Serbian traditional vocal music substance as the basic element of their work, but combines it with modern music and stage forms. At one side the minimalistic approach, simplification and nakedness of the expression through only two instruments (bass guitar and drums), and on the other side several female voices moving between old, inherited archetypal patterns and modern expression, are joined in the music of VRELO into unique wholeness.

After entering BBC`s The Next Big Thing 2007 VRELO was chosen among over 2500 performers from 88 countries to play in London at Maida Vale studio and won 2nd place of this prestigeous competition with their song Posle Mome.

Ever since, VRELO had a lots of performances at big festival and prestigue clubs an many Europian cities (Paris, Berlin, London, Oslo, Prague, Graz, Saint Petersburg, Budapest, Zurich...). In Serbia VRELO performed at all important festivals (Exit, Guca, Nisville, Zajecar Guitar Fest, BELEF...).

VRELO is a band with a well formed music expression, but it is not afraid to make changes. With every performance they make a step forward, building themselves and growing as a musicians. Various music experts (critics, producers…) see their music as very recognizable, strong and original, comparing to standard criteria. VRELO is one cheerful crew, always opened for new challenges and joys!

Trsic, Serbia


DIVANHANA, Bosnia and Hercegovina


Sejla Grgic - vocal

Neven Tunjic - keybord

Nedzad Musovic - accordion

Azur Hajdarevic - bass

Miso Cirko - guitar

Irfan Tahirovic - percussion

Sejla Grgic




Divanhana is a Bosnian sevdah band which performs traditional music in new arrangements created under the influence of jazz, pop and the 20th century classical music. Divanhana’s intention is to cherish and present the urban traditional music not only from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the traditional music from the whole Balkan region, with a particular accent to Sevdalinka.

The band recorded its debut CD “Dert” in February 2011 at the Fattoria Musica studio in Osnabruck (Germany) in cooperation with the performer of traditional music Vanja Muhović. The album was produced by Walter Quintus, one of the most acknowledged world music producers. It was released in May 2011 as a result of a two-year ethnomusicologist research reflected by the fact that some of the songs on the CD were never recorded or published before.

After the successful and inspiring experience with the debut album, the band continued to cherish the Balkan traditional music. In September 2011, they began to work with a new singer, young Lejla Ćatić. Shortly after, Divanhana developed their concert activities by taking part in prestigious festivals  such as “12 Points” in Porto and Womex in Thessaloniki. Besides that, Divanhana dedicates to creative work, and recording of new songs. At the beginning of 2013, Divanhana had held very successful concerts in Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and Turkey, and later on by the end of the same year they released their new album “Bilješke iz šestice”, which crowned the two years touring, travelling and creative work of the band. They had proudly performed at 70 successful concerts in 13 different countries. “Bilješke iz šestice” was published at the end of 2013, by RSG Radio from Sarajevo for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and by Multimedia Music from Belgrade for the market of the Balkan region.

After the second CD release, the band had intensified their concert activities, and realized over 60 successful concerts all around Europe.

After the releasing of the new album, Divanhana began their new concert tour named “Zukva”. During the three years long tour, the band had 150 concerts all around the Balkans and Europe, and took part at many eminent world music festivals. The tour brought some new very successful projects such as: first live release “Live in Mostar” and  “Zukva” documentary, which was covered by television network Al Jazeera Balkans.

The band performed their own concerts all around Europe, and did the first project with The Embassy of the USA in Bosnia & Herzegovina in which they managed to connect Broadway and sevdah for the first time. By connecting the Broadway and sevdah, the band made a collaboration with the acknowledged American Broadway singer, Bradley Dean, and released the single “Vino piju nane age Sarajlije”.

By the beginning of September of 2018 they continued with the realization of the project with The Embassy of the USA in B&H, this time with Broadway musical “Spelling Bee” where they collaborated with a young artist Šejla Grgić.


Banja Koviljaca, Serbia




Zoran Starcevic – guitar

Nikola Starcevic – guitar

Zeljko Starcevic – guitar

www.starcevic.co.rs www.facebook.com/triobalkanstrings

Fly by Balkan carpet with the guitar family from Belgrade-Serbia



TRIO BALKAN STRINGS performs its original guitar music, a fusion of Balkan music: Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian, Romanian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Mediterranean, Greek, Oriental…Jazz, Gypsy Swing, Classical music, asymmetrical rhythms and original guitar interpretation. The result, combining many cultures, is BALKAN SWING - WORLD FUSION, virtuoso, rich and unconventional, fresh and spontaneous, brimming with energy. Authentic, attractive music with the finest taste, real presentation of guitar music in Balkan Jazz style, unique interpretation from three of them and the universal music language, without frontiers. A real music trip by Balkan carpet, so if you like Jazz, Swing, Ethno, Classical, or you simply like guitar music, it is your perfect choice. They invented 6 hands playing on 1 guitar and that is their trademark. They have performed in many Festivals (Jazz, Classical Guitar, World music) and concerts in: USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, Chech Republic, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, UK, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, France, Israel, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. They did master classes-clinics and concerts for classical and Jazz guitar students in Europe and in the USA.

FIRST PRIZE WINNER in the World category of the 2005 USA Songwriting Competition with composition Water-mill written by Nikola Starcevic and performed by Trio Balkan Strings. FIRST PRIZE WINNER - Trio Balkan Strings won first prize and the Dolphin statue for being the best instrumental ensemble on the Music World 2004 Italy Festival Internacionale Fivizzano. FIRST PRIZE WINNER - of the JoAnn Falletta International Composition Competition for Guitar 2007 Buffalo, New York (Asiana IV written by Nikola Starcevic).





         СУБОТИЧКИ ТАМБУРАШКИ ОРКЕСТАР  је основан 06. новембра 1976.

Оркестар је од првог тренутка настојао да оправда циљеве свог оснивања што је потврдио на бројним фестивалима у земљи и у иностранству где је постизао врхунске успехе.Учествовао је на свих 40 фестивала тамбурашких оркестара Србије у Руми на којима је освојио 35 златних плакета, 8 пута на фестивалу тамбурашких оркестар у Осијеку од којих је 5 златних плакета,на међународном фестивалу Тамбурица фест у Новом саду 2018.-златна плакета и три пута на фестивалу у белгијском граду Нерпелту где је сваки пут освојио злато а једном и специјалну награду Сума цум лауда (најбољи међу најбољима).

Нису изостала ни друштвена признања: оркестар је носилац годишње награде  Др Ференц Бодрогвари, годишње награде СИЗ културе  САП Војводине, Искре културе  културно просветне заједнице Војводине али и Октобарске награде града Суботице.

Од свог оснивања до данас  оркестар је одржао преко хиљаде наступа  и концерата. Гостовао  је у многим градовима наше земље али и у иностранству. И то у: Пољској , Мађарској Русији , Румунији , Италији, Немачкој, Белгији, Шпанији и Израелу, те у свим земљама у региону: Хрватској,Словенији, Босни и Херцеговини, Црној Гори и Македонији.

У највећем поројекту “100  ТАМБУРАША који је одржан 1996. године оркестар је био окосница ансамбла и дао је 53 члана у овај јединствен извођачки ансамбл.

Савремени композитори  Зоран Мулић, Мирослав Штаткић, Матија Молцер, Рудолф Бручи и други радо уступају своја дела оркестру. Кроз извођење ових композиција  оркестар је закорачио у свет  савремене музике и на тај начин отворио нову страницу  у историји тамбурашке музике.

Репертоар Суботичког тамбурашког оркестра се састоји од композиција писаних за тамбурашке оркестре али и од транскрипција познатих композиција из светске музичке литературе. Поред тога оркестар радо изводи и светску евергрин музику. Наравно никада не заборавља ни традиционалну изворну и народну музику.

У свом истраживању изражајних могућности оркестар је разрадио и усавршио пицикато технику на тамбурама која данас красе његове изведбе.

Поред рада са оркестром у оквиру друштва ради школа тамбуре коју други са уважавањем спомињу као "Суботичка школа тамбуре", те дечји тамбурашки оркестар  а већ неколико година ради и "Суботички тамбурашки квартет" који  као нови израз у тамбурашкој музици нашироко ужива висок углед.

         Од 2014. године оркестром диригује Маријана Марки која је поникла из редова овог оркестра што јој омогућава да продужи развојну путању оркестра. 


Samuilović Miomir, vokal i vodja orkestra

Tošić Zoran, violina

Panić Zoran, bas prim

Skorić Ivan, akust. gitara

Lukić Milan, kontrabas - bas gitara

Djokić Dragan, harmonika

Nurkić Dejan, udaraljke i vokal



Orkestar je osnovan 1988. godine, kada su se srodne duše našle na istom zadatku: sačuvati tradiciju, sačuvati dušu i ono zrnce romantike i boemštine koja nam je potrebna da ne budemo obični, bezlični učesnici, tačnije posmatrači svega što se dogadja oko nas. Uvek smo skloni da kažemo: *Stara dobra vremena* i to zvuči kao fraza, ali zaista su tada, te 1988. bila *stara dobra vremena*. Pravo vreme, pravo mesto i pravi ljudi okupljeni sa istim ciljem, vodjeni *dirigentskom palicom* starog muzičkog vuka Zorana Starčevića, pre svega prijatelja, pa onda i saradnika, stvorili su muzičku fizionomiju orkestra VOŽD. Naravno, ništa novo i epohalno nismo uradili, niti smo imali ambicije da promenimo svet, ali sigurno smo učinili mnogo da svoje živote učinimo vrednijim, baveći se na ovakav način muzikom, a sigurno i najveća satisfakcija za nas je hiljade prijateljstava širom cele naše zemlje. U mnoge domove i mnoga srca ušao je VOŽD sa svojom muzikom, izvodeći  akustičnu, tzv. novogradsku, autorsku muziku.

Kompozitor i aranžer svih kompozicija je Zoran Starčević kompozitor i gitarista. Tekstove piće Miomir Samuilović, vok. solista, koji je inače autor tekstova pesama koje izvode najpopularniji pevači domaće muzike, a mogu se naći u njegovoj zbirci : *Moje strofe i refreni*.

          Do sada su objavili četiri muzička izdanja. 

          Učestvovali na Banjalučkom festivalu gradske muzike, 1999.g. i na *Evropskom pikniku*, veče balkanske muzike, Plock - Poljska 2001.,večeri Skadarlijske muzike u Essenu, Nemačka 2012. i 2013.godine,Italiji, Madjarskoj, te gostovali u zabavnim emisijama, počevši od RTS-a pa do regionalnih i lokalnih TV i radio stanica. 

          Po tradiciji, na nosačima zvuka nalazi se uvek i nekoliko tradicionalnih,izvornih kompozicija: *Vozila se po moru galija* i *Dolinom se šetala*,*Eno dole kraj Loznice*,*Višnjičica rod rodila* itd.

          Naravno, zaštitni znak VOŽDA je stara vojvodjanska pesma -bećarac *Tri metera somota*.

          Na svim svojim nastupima,orkestar ističe korene iz kojih crpi inspiraciju,svoj grad i svoju Srbiju te zato i u mnogim gradovima širom Srbije,kao i u dijaspori, ljudi prepoznaju pesme Dok Loznica mirno spava i Ja nemam druge zemlje sem Srbije.

          Za svoj rad, orkestar je dobio niz priznanja od škola,vojnih ustanova,ustanova kulture kao i od mnogih humanitarnih organizacija čije je delovanje pomagao kroz besplatne nastupe.








Welcome to Loznica

July 23-25, 2021




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